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Group of Zanesville Artists Create Recycled Refrigerator Art for AEP Ohio

by on December 17, 2014

Zanesville fridgeBlending the talents of multiple artists together is the perfect recipe for something beautiful.

That’s exactly what Joleen Kinsel, Natasha Oliver and Carrier Turner from The Artist Collective in Zanesville, Ohio displayed when they worked together to turn a 1940s refrigerator into a piece of art. The vintage refrigerator was transformed as a way to educate customers about our Appliance Recycling Program.

“Our differences were our inspiration,” Kinsel said. “We wanted to create a work of art that pulled in traits from our three favorite artists, Salvador Dali, Andy Warhol and Vincent Van Gogh. We proved that you could mesh different styles and genres together and make something amazing.”

The transformed refrigerator will be on display at their gallery, The Artist Collective, located inside the Masonic Temple on 38 N. 4th St. in Room 512, until the end of December.

“I enjoyed getting to do this project with my best friends,” Kinsel said. “Art pulls us all together and keeps us together. It allows us to express with color and shape what we feel and inspires others to look at things differently.”

Kinsel, Turner and Oliver have been working together since they opened their gallery in 2012, but this is the first project they have ever completed together. The three artists mixed their love for pop, impressionistic, expressionistic and unusual art to create something beautiful. Their gallery features up and coming artists, unique displays, art parties, classes and exhibits each month on First Friday Art Walks.

The Appliance Recycling Program is part of our initiative to help customers use less energy, decrease energy costs, conserve natural resources and protect the environment. AEP Ohio customers can earn a $50 rebate when they schedule their inefficient refrigerator or freezer to be recycled, and we’ll pick up the appliance free of charge.

For additional information about AEP Ohio’s energy efficient programs, visit

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