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Committed to keeping Ohio Shining Brightly

by on July 7, 2014

Transmission Projects photo for aepohioanswersFrom 2013 through 2015, AEP Ohio is investing $1 billion to keep Ohio shining brightly.

This investment is being used to improve our electric transmission system by replacing aging infrastructure and bolstering the grid so that we can continue to meet Ohio’s growing electricity demands.

We’re also aware that several power plants are expected to retire soon. This will change the way electricity flows onto the grid, meaning that we need to make some adjustments to our transmission infrastructure to maintain a dependable supply of electricity for our customers.

To keep the lights on across the state, we are constantly looking ahead to plan for what changes in the industry may impact our customers’ electricity supply. We are already planning, engineering and constructing transmission projects in most of our service areas including:

•Northwestern Ohio: receiving a new 138-kilovolt (kV) transmission station, with improvements to several existing stations and upgrades to existing transmission lines

•South central Ohio: receiving a new transmission station and two new 138-kV transmission lines

•Southeastern Ohio: about 50 miles of a 345-kV transmission line is being rewired

We are always happy to hear from property owners, customers and stakeholders with comments or questions about any of our transmission infrastructure projects. Just call our Transmission Project Information Line on 614-883-6929 or toll-free 1-877-215-9261 or email Brett Schmied, project outreach specialist, at

You can also attend various local project workshops or Ohio Power Siting Board public hearings.

Information about all of our transmission projects, workshops and public hearings is available online at

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  1. Jerry Pusz permalink

    How much is it going to cost the customers?

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