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Eleven Ways to Cool Your Home Efficiently This Summer

by on June 18, 2014

Ohio is famous for its fluctuations in weather, especially in the summer, which can be both positive and negative for customers who are looking to achieve energy efficiency during the warmer seasons.

There are small, easy steps you can take to lower energy costs this summer without depriving yourself of the simple comforts at home. What is the first step you can take? Get an energy assessment and learn where possible energy efficiency problems areas are in your home.

Cooling can get expensive during the summer, when temperatures are highest in Ohio. You’ll be happy to know that you can keep your house cool without breaking the bank this summer. You just have to know how!

Windows and Vents

1) Installing window treatments, awnings or light-colored shades can make a world of difference in keeping the heat out.
2) Close shades on south-facing windows to block sunlight during the day.
3) Make sure to keep all vents uncovered and keep their filters cleaned. The harder the vent has to work to push air out, the more energy it will use.
4) Open your windows on cooler nights to let the cold air in and cool your home naturally.


5) Keep heat-producing appliances away from air conditioning units. They will sense the heat from these appliances and continue to run even if the house has already cooled down.


6) Use your microwave instead of a conventional oven to avoid letting warm air into your kitchen and home.
7) Turn fans off when you leave a room.


Thermostat8) Install a programmable thermostat that you can set to fluctuate with your schedule. Set it to a higher temperature while you are gone during the day, and schedule it to cool down right before you get home.
9) Set your thermostat as high as comfortably possible. Having it on a radically low setting will not increase the rate that the house cools down.
10) Run your ceiling fans with your air conditioning. They allow you to increase your thermostat temperature by up to four degrees.

energy guide

11) Looking for new appliances this summer? Make sure to look for the yellow EnergyGuide label on appliances and compare the energy efficiency of different models. AEP Ohio offers Energy Star certified appliances and even offers a rebate to customers who make the switch! (Photo credit:

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