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AEP Ohio partners with HomeServe USA to offer affordable Home Warranty Services to customers

by on May 20, 2014

Optional coverage helps customers protect critical services lines and save money on repairs

Have you thought about what would happen if your exterior electrical service system was damaged?


If this equipment is damaged, AEP Ohio would not be able to restore power to your home, until a licensed electrician completed repairs.

For customers with overhead service, this includes the weatherhead, service entrance cable, riser pipe and meter box.

For customers with underground service, this includes where the wire goes into the meter base.

Repairs can be hundreds of dollars and normally are not covered by basic homeowner’s insurance.

Now you can protect yourself with the new Home Warranty program, provided in partnership with HomeServe USA.

With the Exterior Electrical Line coverage, you’ll get:

•Up to $3,000 in coverage annually (30-day wait period with a money-back guarantee)
•24-hour repair hotline
•Priority repair status
•Multiple service calls per year, up to customer’s annual benefit amount
•Repairs performed by local, certified electricians
•One-year guarantee on all covered repairs

In addition to Exterior Electrical Line Coverage, HomeServe offers the following service plans that are available to AEP Ohio’s residential customers:

•Interior Electrical Line Coverage
•Surge Coverage
•Water Heater Coverage
•Heating System Coverage
•Cooling System Coverage
•Water Service Line Coverage
•Sewer/Septic Line Coverage

HomeServe’s offerings are available at different price points and costs will be added to customer’s monthly electric bill. The program is completely optional and customers can cancel the warranty coverage at any time.

Over the next few weeks, customers will be receiving an introductory postcard and letter in the mail about this new optional coverage and an opportunity to sign-up for the program.

In the meantime, if you would like additional information on how you can protect yourself at an affordable cost, call HomeServe’s toll-free number at 1-855-769-6267 or visit

HomeServe USA Repair Management Corp. (“HomeServe”) is an independent company separate from AEP Ohio and offers this optional service as an authorized representative of AMT Warranty Corp., the contract issuer. Your choice of whether to participate in this service plan will not affect the price, availability or terms of service from AEP Ohio.

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