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AEP to use helicopters to install transmission line in central Ohio

by on February 24, 2014

helicopterIt’s a bird, it’s a plane … no, it’s actually AEP contract crews who will be working March  3 through May 30 from a helicopter and standing on transmission towers to string new power lines to improve reliability in central Ohio.

Watch this video to see crews installing wire and equipment from approximately 165 feet in the air on a 10-mile stretch of towers. This work will bring improved electric service to the City of Dublin and Washington Township in Franklin County, Jerome Township in Union County, and Concord and Liberty townships in Delaware County.

And here are a few answers to questions you might have about AEP Ohio using aerial construction.

Why is AEP using helicopters to access the structures for this work?The existing line is generally inaccessible by trucks and other ground equipment.
Aerial construction in inaccessible and difficult-to-reach locations minimizes environmental impacts and the potential for property damage. It also reduces traffic congestion in the area and significantly shortens the time it takes to complete a project.

How does AEP use helicopters for projects and what kinds of projects are suitable for such work?AEP uses helicopters daily to inspect its transmission and distribution lines for needed maintenance, and to perform construction and maintenance activities, such as equipment replacement and tree clearance near lines.

AEP uses helicopters to access structures that generally are inaccessible by trucks and other ground equipment.

Is this the first time helicopters are being used for such work in Ohio? AEP has been using helicopters for aerial construction in Ohio, including the Columbus area, for the last 10 years.
Where can I find more information about the project?

More information about the project can be found on Click on Letters of Notification and scroll to the links for the Hayden-Hyatt 345-kV project.

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