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AEP Ohio announces city of Louisville’s participation in Community Energy Savers Program

by on February 3, 2014

AEP Ohio and the city of Louisville are partnering to help residents and businesses reduce energy use and costs through a pilot program called Community Energy Savers.

Community Energy Savers, launched by AEP Ohio, works with communities to encourage residents and businesses to participate in energy efficiency programs offered by AEP Ohio.

Not only do community members benefit from saving energy and money in their homes and businesses, their actions also help the community receive incentives from AEP Ohio that can be put towards an improvement project identified by the community.

“AEP Ohio continually seeks to improve the quality of life in the communities where we live and work. That’s why we are enthusiastic about joining with communities in our new Energy Savers program,” said Jon Williams, energy efficiency and consumer programs manager for AEP Ohio. “The program helps to educate residents about our energy-saving programs as well as the many solutions and incentives available for businesses.”

Mayor Patricia Fallot will announce the city of Louisville’s participation in the AEP Ohio Community Energy Savers pilot program during a press conference tonight at 7 p.m. at the Constitution Center, 1022 West Main Street in Louisville.

Working with the city of Louisville, AEP Ohio has established a goal of 300 participants by June 30. If this goal is reached in time, Louisville, the second community to participate in the Energy Savers program, will use the incentive award from AEP Ohio towards completion of energy efficiency lighting upgrades at the YMCA and the old Post Office. Improvements to these buildings will reduce energy and costs, and will also enhance the quality of lighting for Louisville residents that use the facilities.

“The Energy Savers pilot program is a great way for Louisville residents and businesses to learn more about energy efficiency and the incentives available through AEP Ohio,” says Patricia Fallot, Mayor of Louisville. “We know our town can reach the participation goal and look forward to using the award funds towards the completion of energy efficiency upgrades at the YMCA and Old Post Office.”

Customers of AEP Ohio who reside in Louisville can participate in Energy Savers in a variety of ways – regardless of whether they purchase their generation from AEP Ohio or from an alternative retail electric supplier.

For instance, customers can recycle their old, inefficient refrigerators through the Appliance Recycling program and receive a $50 incentive check plus free pickup. Customers also can schedule an assessment with the In-home Energy program to identify and correct areas in their homes where they may be wasting energy. Technical support and financial incentives are also available for business customers that install energy efficient equipment and technologies.

To learn more about how to participate and help your community, visit

Visit for information about AEP Ohio’s energy efficiency programs for residents. For information about energy efficiency programs for businesses, visit

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