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Tree Clearance & Reliability

by on August 28, 2012

Major storms with high winds — such as happened on June 29 — cause trees to fall. As many of you experienced, these storm outages can last for multiple days. Even in neighborhoods where we’ve cleared our lines, trees from outside our easements can fall on our lines and cause outages.

We have been working continually since 2009 to reduce tree-related power outages. Our aggressive right of way tree clearance program already has significantly reduced the number of outages from trees within our line easements

By the end of 2012, AEP Ohio will have invested more than $240 million dollars and will have completed clearing roughly 24 thousand miles of our approximate 31 thousand miles of overhead electric distribution lines.  We fund this work through both our base rates and additional funding provided through the PUCO-approved Vegetation Riders in our Electric Security Plans.

Our tree clearing is work we do to better serve you. Clearing vegetation from within our utility easements is just one way we provide you with reliable power.

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