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Q. Why doesn’t AEP Ohio cut trees farther back?

by on July 3, 2012

We have a right-of-way in which we are allowed to trim trees and maintain our lines. Many times, we are blocked legally from cutting trees on customers’ private property. We cut trees in a way to preserve the health of the tree, while trying to maintain the shade and beauty that trees provide.

When the wind blows hard, trees and branches can come from anywhere and hit the lines.  There’s also a lot more than trees that blow into our lines. When the wind blows more than 60 mph hour, we see signs, roofing material, sheet metal — all sorts of items — blow into our lines, causing outages.

  1. Eric Scher permalink


    I have TWO trees on my property that your lines actually run THROUGH and far from denying you permission I have begged you to deal with it BEFORE they bring down the lines, yet I haven’t received even a phone call in 5 years.

    You know who I bet would return my call? PUCO

  2. Mike permalink

    I have a tree top that snapped but has not separated from the actual trunk and is within 10 ft from power lines. Do I call AEP to have this removed?

    • AEP Ohio permalink

      It depends. If the tree is in our right-of-way, it may be trimmed. Please report the tree problem online. ^CS

      • Eric Scher permalink

        Do me a favor…

        If you’re just going to give me the same canned response I have gotten EVERY time I made a report online, in e-mail, on the phone or in person; I’d just as soon you kept you useless suggestion to yourself.

        The fact is, AEP has demonstrated by its behavior that it isn’t interested in maintaining it’s right of way, which is actually part of your legal responsibilities.

        The next time there’s a windstorm, ice storm or whatever; one or both of those trees may come down and it will take a whole line of poles with it.

        And I’ll file a claim in court for damages and Show them the 5 year long train of communications that AEP ignored.

        So if you want to keep on ignoring me, I can’t stop you, but don’t think I don’t have a plan for when you negligence finally bites you in you posterior.

  3. andrej permalink

    there are two giant trees a mere 5ft from your lines. every time a storm comes through they cause problems and every time (after the fact) you send people out to trim them. we have begged you to cut them down instead of leaving them up to cause problems the next time.

    this answer is complete garbage. at least come up with better excuses.

  4. Charity McDaniel permalink

    AEP had Asplundh cut the trees on my property completely down (10 ft pine trees) and left them laying. It is a mess and being a single parent I have no way of cleaning this up. It’s been 3 weeks, is this my reonsibilty or AEP’s?

    • AEP_Carey permalink

      Hi Charity,

      During storm restoration, we do not return to pick up tree branches/debris. If this was not the result of storm restoration work, we can look into the issue. Please call Appalachian Power at 1-800-956-4237. ^CS

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