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Why can my house be the only one on the block without power?

by on July 1, 2012

Fuses or circuits breakers in your home could have tripped and halted power; tree limbs could have fallen on the line serving your home; fuses on the transformer that serves your home may have tripped or could be damaged, and the primary line feeeding the transformer could be damaged.

If your home is one of a few that is without power, crews may have fixed fixing facilities that serve one portion of the neighborhood, but your electricity might be served from a different direction. Different crews may be working on that.

Please report your outage online or by calling 1-800-672-2231.

One Comment
  1. steve mandeville permalink

    Our power shut off today in a 5 minute wind storm that was 1/4 of the wind in Friday june 29 th storms. There are no aep personnel in the area making repairs and some neighbors do have power. This makes no sense. Aep outdated equipment does not help. This is why for years i have complained that your lines should be under ground instead of being strung pole to pole.

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