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How is AEP Ohio different from Competitive Retail Electric Service providers?

by on June 4, 2012

AEP Ohio President Pablo Vegas explains the difference between AEP Ohio and Competitive Electric Retail Service (CRES) providers.

  1. Duane Kiser permalink

    There is no fair transition to competition. I lived outside Dallas when Texas made this change. After more than 10 years electric prices have skyrocketed… The new electric vendors haven’t built a single new plant… Electric rates are based on your credit reference, the worst the reference the higher your bill… Electric is more than triple compared to what we pay AEP now in the Tri-state (KY/OH/WV) area…. Brown outs in TX are normal now during the summer… This whole plan needs to be stopped now…. Electric production should remain regulated…

  2. Wait till Ambit Energy comes to Ohio and you can earn FREE energy.

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