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Q. If energy prices are going down, why is AEP Ohio asking for a rate increase?

by on May 31, 2012

If energy prices – like the cost of natural gas – are going down, why is AEP Ohio asking for its rates to go up?  Pablo Vegas, president of AEP Ohio, explains.

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  1. stephen h hart permalink

    what is AEP and what does it do for ME the custmer of natueral gas and eletric here in kent ohio. I have been mailed a offer to join a aggregation program,is this a good thing for me the custmer ? it is called [electric govermental aggregation program] location,,341 white pond drive Bldg.B2 akron,ohio 44320 they stated for stow residents i said NO,,because I live in KENT ,, was that lawful to ask a KENT resident ? ,,they stated ,,for stow residents! or should I have joined? Is this just make work for collage grads,who have a computer and office space /or what???

    • AEP Ohio permalink

      Hi Stephen,

      Thanks for your comment. I don’t know the terms and conditions of the aggregation program you have mentioned. The Public Utilities Commission of Ohio website has a page that explains different types of governmental aggregation programs:

      The PUCO recommends consumers contact their city, county or township office for more information about aggregation plans. For general information about aggregation, please call the PUCO consumer call center at (800) 686-PUCO (7826). ^CS

  2. AEP is just upset that it has been beat to the punch. AEP sees it’s future disappearing– much like any monopoly sees its future– when the state or federal government steps in to de-regulate it and shut it down. They are scrambling and pathetically attempting to explain why they “need” to raise the prices even though all economic and logical reasons to do so are not given, and instead they expect the uneducated public to submit to these empty assersions of “fuel costs” and other hollow retorts that any half witted peon could see straight through. AEP sees its profits falling and now they want us to hear about their variable and fixed costs as excuses for lining their pockets with gigantic bonuses for their executives like this slimeball. AEP doesn’t like first energy for one big reason and that’s because first energy get’s a lot of their energy from renewable resources and thus can charge lower prices. Now, don’t get me wrong, I don’t think coal will be going anywhere in the next 150 years at least, but regardless we have choices as consumers and AEP can’t stand that now. AEP has always been the bully on the street corner and now they are getting pushed back by smart companies and by customers who are wising up and are realizing that they have choices and options. This is a democratic and a free enterprise country and AEP thinks we are living in Mother Russia and they want to push us around and it’s not going to happen anymore!

  3. joe shmow permalink

    Ohio is gonna regret shutting the coal plants down. More people losing their jobs, its disgusting what you “people” do.

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