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Q. Are Units 1-5 at the Muskingum River Plant going to be closed?

by on May 15, 2012

Units 1-4 at the Muskingum River Plant will be retired by the end of 2014. AEP plans to convert Unit 5 to gas. This decision is related to the need to comply with other requirements that are not related to AEP Ohio’s Electric Security Plan.

Thanks Larry for your question submitted via email.

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  1. I enrolled, trained, and completed an Industrial Electricity program that required 1600 hours of school and classroom work. I received a Certificate in Industrial Electricity in 1983, after 2 1/2 years of training. I sat for the Masters Electricians test and received my Masters License. I have worked mostly in residential electricity. From early on and before I went to work, I do not think many people realize how much AEP provided at little or no cost to customers in and on the AEP grid. Because of the location at or near the coal fields and the availability of natural gas, our electricity rates have been lower than elsewhere in the country. I live in Huntington, WV, where the Big Sandy River flows into the Ohio River. Here at the borders of Ohio, Kentucky and West Virginia – the Tri-State area, we have several coal fired steam generation electric plants. This has meant we pay relatively low electricity costs. SO – the main point. Before all of you scream for deregulation and more competitive markets, you had better take a good look at what people are paying in electricily bills in Charlotte, Washington, Atlanta, Florida, down East and elsewhere. Once you get out of the generation grid of Michigan, Ohio, West Virginia, Kentucky, Pennsylvania, western Virginia, take a good look at what people who live there, and have moved away to ‘there’, are really paying for electricity. Also, by example take a ‘good’ at other industries that have been ‘deregulated’ and made? more ‘competitive’.
    The airline industry, the ‘telephone’ industry, the cable TV industry, the banking corporations and business, the water utilities everywhere. Look at what happened to these industries and what people are paying now. I do know a few things for sure since working with electricity. One, it is an electric world, from the time you set your alarm clock at night, wake up in the morning and all through the day. Everyone constantly uses and benefits from electricity. Two, electricity by its nature has to generated and transmitted by transmission lines through the ‘grid’. This is why it is called the electric utility.
    Clean Coal and coal by products sequestration. – Possibly a small chemistry set or kit could be issued to each grade school child at 3rd or 4th grade level in all schools in the north mid west region here -Ohio, Kentucky, West Virginia, Indiana, Illinois. And possibly some new and better method of
    burning coal and natural gas can be discovered and improved upon. Not to metioin, going to all the land grant colleges and other colleges with such projects and programs.
    Some few thoughts from someone who has worked in a business and industry that is so large, and so obvious, and is taken so for granted.
    Thank you,
    John Konieczny

  2. nikhik permalink

    I m working in super critical power plant operations in india.can i get job in aep

    • AEP Ohio permalink

      Nikhik, we post all available jobs on the careers section of our Web site at This site also includes tools to allow you to request notifications as new positions become available. Good luck in your job search! ^CS

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