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Q. Why can another company offer me cheaper rates on AEP lines? Does it really benefit me or save me money to switch?

by on May 9, 2012

A. As your local electric utility, we will still be here to install and maintain the (distribution) power lines that bring electricity to your home. What’s different is that a variety of companies, including a non-regulated subsidiary of AEP, will compete to supply you with power generation services.

When you get an offer from competing providers, also known as Competitive Retail Electric Service (CRES) providers, compare their offer against the “price to compare” on your AEP Ohio bill. (See a sample AEP Ohio bill.)

For AEP Ohio customers, the price to compare includes combined costs for generation and transmission services. Not all competitive suppliers state the price to compare in this same manner. Please check to make sure you are comparing similar charges.

Will it really benefit you or save you money to switch? You’ll have to compare offers and make that choice.

You can find more information about customer choice on

For a list of certified CRES providers operating in AEP Ohio’s service territory, visit the the Public Utilities Commission of Ohio website.

Thanks Chuck E. for your question posted on our Facebook page.

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