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Q. Who is AEP Retail? Are they a subsidiary of AEP Ohio?

by on May 9, 2012

A. AEP Retail Energy is a competitive retail electric provider. AEP Retail Energy is a separate company from AEP Ohio. Both companies are owned by our corporate parent, American Electric Power.

The Ohio Electric Choice Program gives you the option to choose an electric provider for the generation portion of your electric service. You may find a plan that saves you money or a company that sells primarily wind or solar energy. Some companies will offer benefits such as energy efficiency or rewards programs. The choice will be up to you.

Check out the Electric Apples to Apples Charts created by the Ohio Public Utilities Commission. These charts list prices and contract terms of certified suppliers that are enrolling new residential customers.

AEP Ohio knows that healthy competition in the electricity supply market gives you more options and more control over your electric billing. No matter which competitive electric retail supplier you choose, you can count on AEP Ohio to deliver your electricity in the same safe, reliable manner you have grown to expect.

Thanks Judy W. for your question.

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